Here is an excerpt from one of our first supporters and someone you may come across now and again as you explore our worlds:

“Outside Time, in the dark beyond the stars, is a patchwork world of wonder and terror. There dwell the TimeLost – ageless and inchoate – who are the progenitors of mortal dreams. Alone together, they weave myriad tales through our consciousness to fill the void where their own reality once lived. Were they born of earth, only to be shunted through the veil of space along vile vortices? Or did they willingly traverse the mind’s inner reaches to discover truths amid the endless planes? Alas, I know only that through my own tortuous span of years that some of the TimeLost have returned. They call the place they were by many names we know today from myth and mystery. And now, living again in the waking world, some seek to forget…others to remember… but all struggle with their individual destinies as they make up for… time lost.”

– Collin Bloomfield, Musings on a Fading Dream

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